The concept of architecture both materializes and achieves total spatial fulfillment. Drawing is the means by which this idea is expressed; it is the first tangible form a project can take. Implicit is a very fine connection between hand and brain, an initial translation into lines of what has been imagined and what will be built as a result. At school, I found it very hard to express my ideas. This was often frustrating, but although I drew rather clumsily, I always tried to transmit essential content and basic ideas in the lines I was drawing. In the end, it is both useful and amenable when the work you are completing a house, for example be comes a kind of laboratory where you can experiment.

Living for a while in a house that you have created enables you to appreciate and corroborate its assets and limitations. This turns out to be an ongoing learning experience. I have also learned from my work through photographs taken of already finished spaces. Thanks to these images, I was able to learn a lot about the phenomenon of luminescence. Thus, for example, I understood what sunlight at dusk  that fleeting moment was made of, and I sought to ensure that this instant of radiance could be transposed in other spaces. I have also tried to understand the contrasts between light in interiors and exteriors.This has been vital in facilitating the unity of spaces, the merging of inside and outside in my constructions. I believe that whoever approaches you in order to ask that you build their home is making a leap of faith. They have decided to believe in you. At first, the architect must learn how to listen. This way, he becomes an interpreter of hopes and needs. Dialogue that precise tool that brings us closer to the truth, as Socrates taught us will always succeed in harmonizing our ideas, in creating an accord between the architect and those who will inhabit the space.
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