Theres no secrets, but theres a key: have to attend the intuition, feel more things instead of intellectualize them. When you get an object in your hands and you situate it for the first time, that was their site, their place. That way of getting close to the object has to be with the creation.

The intuition gives us the guide t oread uncodified things. When i saw for the first time the land where I built the Laureleshouse, it impressed us a couple of oaks that occupied a slope  of the área, slightly overshadowed by the sinuous branches. I not only wanted to rescue the feeling that provoked this chiaroscuro reflecte don the land. More importantly: i proposed to respect the presence of this magnificents hosts that for some decades has lived in that place. So that, the center of the house has been bound to a backy ard to keep the best posible state to this pair of trees. They were like a signal for the real population of the house, so since the proyect was traced we decided to include it

Around this piece also turn the idea of doing a modet tribute to whom I consider one of the most importants of the 20th century: Gunther Gerzso. He explored like some others the backlighting, one of the forgotten subjects in the architecture. He succeed en each canvas with balance that left aside any attempt improvisation, their beauty emanate form the boundary that he traced himself. Also considered inviting some other plastic artists, such as Roberto Cortazar, Rafael Cauduro, Jorge Marin, Claudia Gallegos and Sandra Pani, inter alia, the ones who contribute to enhance the different spaces of the house and endowed of personality. The house contains two tributes: the first to the nature and the second to Gunther Gerzso.
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